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Conference Outline

This one-day continuing education event is targeted to health care providers in primary and specialty care who are involved in diabetes education and management. Highlights include:

  • How do we make team-based care work in reality?
  • “Patient” vs “Person”-centered care
  • The top 5 papers of the year: should they change our practices, and why?
  • Pragmatic tips to address the diabetes/heart disease/kidney disease triad
  • How can we best ensure safety and quality care of diabetes in the elderly?
  • Strategies for helping patients with diabetes and disordered eating
  • Patients with socioeconomic barriers and challenges: how can we help?
  • Transitioning patients from the pediatric to adult setting: what to consider

Over 50% of the meeting time will be devoted to active learning utilizing interactive case studies and interactive touch pads.


  • To review the extent and quality of evidence surrounding the management of patients of diabetes
  • To discuss practical, person-centered approaches to diabetes education and care
  • To discuss recent research to consider when implementing team-based care and person-centered care

Learning Objectives

By the end of this meeting, participants should be able to:

  • Balance clinical evidence with providing person-centered care
  • Counsel patients around the short and long term safety of medications used in the management of diabetes
  • Critically apply the most up-to-date literature relevant to diabetes management